Friday, 3 October 2008

Good day for drying

It was really windy today - but good for drying and clearing out the cobwebs - anyhow it's funny how simple things can make me smile - I was bringing in my washing and this cleaning cloth was on the line-- it just made me feel a little bit happier - for no particular reason.. . I made it when I was practicing free motion quilting for the first time - apart from meandering ( I don't know what it's really called?) I was sort of trying to follow some shapes and patterns and I was just getting the feel for speed and how to move the fabric and batting etc... so I know its not brilliant - but hey I bet I've got the best cleaning cloths in my road!! - and as usual nothing goes to waste...

Anyway - look at what I acquired from my local fabric shop - recycled curtains --the small sample bits from the shop - lovely colours - and I think the pinks will make a bag - flowery outside and stripey lining - the oranges I'm thinking will be for quilts ... but who knows , the possibilities are endless !

finally for now, a teaser of a bit of non sewing sewing - you'll see what I mean when finished - it's my current favourite fabric again (what a surprise)

you can see how it frays - I cant decide if I think that it's enjoyable working with it or not- but look at the lovely soft wooliness of it ..I better stop there before I go off on one ....


lilia said... Reply to comment

Queste borse sono bellissime !!!