Wednesday, 24 June 2009

new bag

back to the old style - i think this looks a bit retro - a bit like a carpet bag. its made from the wrong side of an old curtain sample - like upholstry fabric - which gives it a great texture, i really enjoyed making it and its going to my friend - winging its way via Royal Mail as i type!

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

another doorstop

Between quilting I have to complete small projects to get that hit from creating something

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This post is titled another doorstop - and then i realised maybe i haven't posted about any others- i'll see if i have any photos.. they are a lovely quick project

Rising Sun Quilt

Remember way back I pieced these lovely strips for the bargello quilt?

Well I didn't cut and it ended up like this

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I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out - not sure about the cream stitching on the red - but it's a change -and it's still wating for the binding to be hand stitched ...i just love hand stitching the binding

I made 2 quilt tops at the time so I will quilt the other one differently - eventually

Where have I been?

1. On holiday – HURRAY
2. Broken computer and
3. Broken machine

I have had 2 weeks away – travelling round the UK ending in camping in Dartmoor. Travelling in our new (to us) open top MG. it’s a 2 seater so I have called it my ‘empty nest’ car Me and husband in a tiny 2 man tent ( the car hasn’t got much boot room!) Thank goodness for good weather – for a change. Anyway felt really great and rested been though we were really active and ended up aching all over!
When I got back my computer had broken – thankfully only the power pack and thank goodness for eBay! I managed to get a replacement part so I’m back on the road

I was obviously over optimistic with my fix for my needle plate as it started catching again. I have filed it down again and it appears to have worked. So I’ve been really busy – photos will follow. However I cannot find a replacement part on the internet that will post to the UK only delivery in the US – ah well I will keep searching

Meanwhile here’s me camping by a river

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