Friday, 27 February 2009

Necessity is the mother of inspiration

My latest creation is for my glasses case. I have had to start with reading glasses – I even had to wear them for sewing. Eeeeek I have come to the realisation that age may be catching up with me – oh what happened to my twenties? ( see the Freudian slip i talked about last time!)

I now wish I had finished my cross stitch sampler that I put away a year or so ago – or more like 2 or 3 years -my eyesight was probably good enough to stitch the fine linen then and now I don’t look forward to getting it out – it will just be a reminder of time passing.

Anyway at least I enjoyed the free motion sewing on the machine – I think it’s a matter of confidence but I quite liked the way the leaves looked. My idea is that I can free motion some motifs for quilt pieces ….at least that’s the idea.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blog Break

So what have I been doing in my blog break? Well I have made a few silver wrapper purses and given them away, they have been much appreciated which is always a satisfying feeling especially since they are recycled so I feel good on 2 levels – I am in the middle of making a bigger bag – rainbow coloured I thought - but I have had to wait till my colleagues have eaten the right sorts of crisps – I’ve been promoting the consumption of Quavers – I’ve been very encouraging “ they’re lower in fat you know” – and also I’m short of yellow wrappers and I can only cut 1 or 2 from each packet ….

Been on holiday : an activity break ..but I worked up an appetite and may have had to have this…

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Monday, 23 February 2009

colourwheel - New Year, New Project

Well after a hectic and somewhat stressy and downbeat end of year I'm feeling more like being back to my old self. Sadly my dog used up all her lucky lives and is no longer with us. Friend's undergoing Chemo. Work has been overloading. Children have left home .... lots of big changes .....but at last I feel I can sew again and although I haven't been in the mood to blog I have been reading and getting positive feelings from blogland. and I've also been busy sewing with my new project/s --

I used to think .. how can anyone have so many Unfinished Projects , surely you make yourself finish off before starting a new one..... I did say used to think. I have a much more laid back attitude to completion now. I only finish if I feel like doing the quilting or binding, or start another project coz I want to! the only time I finish a project when not in the mood for that particular part is when it bothers me that its not finished. All in all the change of attitude, as with most things, has made me enjoy sewing even more.. and it still makes me feel happy!

Anyhooo here is the latest quilt top - the picture doesn't show the colours too well, i will take some more when its pieced.

Spooky - I was spellchecking and actually read what I'd written. Only to see I had written "I've also been busy aging with my new project/s --" Freudian slip or what? eeek
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