Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blog Break

So what have I been doing in my blog break? Well I have made a few silver wrapper purses and given them away, they have been much appreciated which is always a satisfying feeling especially since they are recycled so I feel good on 2 levels – I am in the middle of making a bigger bag – rainbow coloured I thought - but I have had to wait till my colleagues have eaten the right sorts of crisps – I’ve been promoting the consumption of Quavers – I’ve been very encouraging “ they’re lower in fat you know” – and also I’m short of yellow wrappers and I can only cut 1 or 2 from each packet ….

Been on holiday : an activity break ..but I worked up an appetite and may have had to have this…

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Brenda said... Reply to comment

Missed you. Glad you're back.