Sunday, 26 July 2009

Flower Pillow

inspiration from 'don't look now' blog and tutorial for flower pillow



and strangely this herring bone stitch is my favourite part of the whole pillow! ( you have to look closely at the seam/binding edge - but it just goes to show it's the smallest of details that make the difference)

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i reallly enjoyed the appliqué - but i'm not so sure that i can cope with the raw edges - after i had sewn on a few flowers i changed my ideas and i did try and satin stitch so the edges weren't quite so raw...... still i learned alot about what i do and dont like to do, so all is good..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


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This is my new bath mat !! went with the wavy line boxes for the quilting as this matches the mosaic type lino pattern in my bathroom. can't decide which side i like best - started with the small squares as the favourite .... but now like the bigger squares too!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

pretty in pink

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New mini project - I just fancied something a bit brighter

Thursday, 2 July 2009

branching out from stippling!

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I am feeling adventurous and wanted to try something different.

So I decided to try this sampler. I'm pleased with the results - I like the wavy box lines and the circles in particluar - but I have realised it will depend on what the piece is that I want to quilt - and stippling is the easiest of all - so we shall see...

baby robins

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three little hatchlings - the mum and dad are feeding them non stop - i wish i had their energy!