Sunday, 26 July 2009

Flower Pillow

inspiration from 'don't look now' blog and tutorial for flower pillow



and strangely this herring bone stitch is my favourite part of the whole pillow! ( you have to look closely at the seam/binding edge - but it just goes to show it's the smallest of details that make the difference)

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i reallly enjoyed the appliqué - but i'm not so sure that i can cope with the raw edges - after i had sewn on a few flowers i changed my ideas and i did try and satin stitch so the edges weren't quite so raw...... still i learned alot about what i do and dont like to do, so all is good..


Oops-Lah said... Reply to comment

I think it's a very good first try! I've also had my first experience with raw edge applique and it's not as easy as it looks. But practice makes perfect, or something like that!

CC said... Reply to comment

thanks for the encouraging words! i think i will keep going with raw edges, but i often think my work looks like its gone wrong rather than other people's 'shabby chic' look - but i agree, practice practice.....