Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Easiest Ever 2 cup fruit cake


the easiest fruit loaf ever..  yes really.... even i cooked it first time

2 cups AllBran or similar hi fibre bran bits
2 cups fruit
2 cups sugar
2 cups milk

soak overnight ( or till its mushed if you cant wait)


2 eggs (or 3 if you have used big cups rather than the US cup measurement )

and mix


2 cups self raising flour ( or plain plus 3 or 4 tsp of baking powder - again depends on cup size)

mix to a batter and fill a 2 lb loaf tin - or 2 smaller ones - or really whatever is available (i put a piece of greaseproof on the base to make lifting easier but it would probably been OK without)

cook on lowish oven 170/180 till cooked - approx 1.5 hrs - but i checked with a skewer after an hour and then turned the oven down a bit

all very --ish ish but results are great!
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Char said... Reply to comment

thanks, my husband wasn't so happy about my lack of interest in the newly opened box of cereal and I knew there'd be a good recipe floating out there.

CC said... Reply to comment


hope it went well - i added a little less sugar next time - still delicious