Saturday, 14 March 2009

The benefits of prevarication

I've just had a brainwave! I'm glad I've put off attempting the quiliting of the colourwheel - I was going to have to join my batting and was going to join 2 pieces in the middle - but the size and bulk had been putting me off -(I keep thinking why did i think a double quilt was a good idea?)anyway - here's the brainwave - i am going to put 3 pieces in - 1 central covering the colourwheel itself and then 2 side pieces for the extra size for the bed. that way it won't matter if the join can be seen in any way as it will be part of the seam at the edge.... so simple and yet it will make it easier to quilit too. with less bulk under the machine - so i feel better about attempting it already. i'll keep you posted...