Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Suit Bag

Okay- so I became pre occupied over the weekend and didn't start on the colour wheel- instead I was combining my 3 new loves - of bags, quilting and recycling. I made this bag from an old wool suit jacket. I washed it (who cares that it was dry clean only!) and it's a lovely texture (very soft, not scratchy). Surprisingly it's really good to sew with too.

This is the first bag I have quilted and it gives it structure - a sort of soft sturdiness. There are pockets on the outside - 2 from the jacket (the pocket at the back and breast pocket on the front to the right of the button) and a bigger one at the side ( you can't really see that - it's made from the sleeve edge up to the black - it's at the back right on the bottom picture and will be perfect for an umbrella). There are also 2 pockets on the inside. I really like the curvy quilting against the check pattern. The black is the lining from the jacket.

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.... All I need to now is learn how to take good photos as these don't seem to show off the good points of the bag. The photos don't really capture the texture which is what I like about this bag. I think I will get lots of use out of it as it is quite smart. All in all I think I am pleased with this and really enjoyed making it - it was fun to make it up as I went along.