Saturday, 11 April 2009

what not to do when your tired


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Looking lovely – pleased with myself after trying a new technique – that is, sewing in the zip on the first chain rather than construct the purse and then sew in the zip to finish – all is going along great – 2nd row attached. Couldn’t decided whether to have the multi colour or the writing (see the inside of the purse and earlier post photos of the strips) – this is how I had folded the pieces with the idea of having a row of writing mixed in with the silver. However as usual, it changed during the making phase and I decided on the colourful side –

Feeling like it's progressing well – glad I sewed in the zip first (don’t know why I didn’t think of it before?) - Went to join the third row – School Boy Error!! I had sewn the 2nd row upside down (see the 2nd photo) – what can I say? I was tired!! And then felt rather deflated. More decisions – undo the zip (which I had sewn in so it wouldn’t move no matter what) – or remove the 2nd row? After much umming and aaahing I ripped out the zip and started to put it back in the other way up – only I decided that I really was too tired – so it’s a work in progress... it’s not the same redoing something when you have had to start again –I could have easily finished the purse without that set back …. Still I won’t make that mistake again [no really ;-)]


MB said... Reply to comment

that´s a great idea to add the zipper first. Thank you. Your purses are very nice.

CC said... Reply to comment

thanks - i have enjoyed trying different methods of construction and using 'rubbish' to produce something useful and lovely to feel - even if it is fiddly