Saturday, 27 September 2008

gift sewing

Well I am busy with small gift ideas – I like my bag for bags – a plastic bag dispenser – just because its functional doesn’t mean it cant look good , heh?. I am currently playing with the ideas of colour and pattern – these are green themed obviously – but the red in the stripes really lifts the whole look of the bag- (the photos don't do the colours justice, they seem a bit washed out here - but they are really quite lustrous) I’m happy with it and because the fabric is quite heavy, it holds its shape – so I'm pleased and I hope the recipient will be too as they were looking for storage for their bags – lets hope

I have noticed that with these small projects I don’t have any pattern at the outset so it’s sort of organic – but I get too excited to see if it will work out...then when it does – like the bag bag I am disappointed that I didn’t spend longer doing embroidery and embellishing – however as I keep reminding myself .. Less is often more!!

Found this while out blog reading - reckons 1974 for me????