Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Evening wind down

Here’s my latest bit of 'making stuff after work' , a quick evening 'make' that I get a quick fix of satisfaction for something finished – it's something I’ve been meaning to get round to for ages. It’s a thread holder for all my bits in case you cant tell from the photos, ( and no, that’s not my hand…my son was reluctantly roped in to model it for me!) I need it because my OH keeps getting accosted by women removing bits of thread from his suits!! ( I don’t know where they all come from as I’m sure I keep my work area lint free and i don't know who takes it round the house? ;-) )

So both he and I are now happy… I just love the fabric – the circles are soft and fluffy, very tactile – irresistible...I just want to stroke this material!!! I made a hobo/slouchy bag out of it and its great because you just want to hug it as its draped over your shoulder – I’ve got a metre or so left so I am thinking of items to make that I can stroke – without looking too strange if you know what I mean….