Wednesday, 15 October 2008

and so it continues...

update - click on the candy wrapper link below or in the sidebar to see other photos of candy wrapper craft

Well the week at work has continued as it left off and my head feels like exploding!!! add to that I've got a frozen shoulder so sitting at the machine for any time is awkward - in fact everything is getting awkward. I have been crafting instead as it's more comfortable and have made a candy wrapper purse - the prototype worked out pretty well - it's very tactile and surprisingly soft and squashy

but ran out of supplies - I think tortilla chip wrappers work best - but I only had one there is a couple of biscuit wrappers .. which of course I had to eat..;-) and even a dog biscuits plastic bag (which, for clarity, I didn't eat!) - I've learnt the technique now - I'd never seen it before till I came across it in blogland, so once I have some fresh supplies....


Brenda said... Reply to comment

You are so smart. A very cute idea.

CC said... Reply to comment

thank you - i try to change things about and regardless of how it turns out i enjoy the journey