Tuesday, 21 October 2008

and then...

No blogging this week as its been a bit traumatic. My dog is an elderly lady now and she had a funny turn, really scary and we thought that it was the end - fortunately she's right as rain now..and used the 2nd of her 9 lives.. It puts things into perspective as I've thought she was on her last legs for years- She must be 15 or so now - not too sure as she was a rescue dog. Sometimes I get up in the morning and she sleeps so soundly that I have to check she is still breathing!

As light relief I have started on the next candy wrapper item - or crisp packets actually - as they seem to work best - and I like the silver better than the multi coloured for this one. It just takes sooo many wrappers. My work colleagues are starting to worry when they see my looking in the bin longingly!! It's a hard task as I don't tend to eat crisps - so the raw material may be a problem - we'll see

update: i have more photos - click on the candy wrapper tag below