Sunday, 5 October 2008

Attic windows

I started a new project after the big clean. My inspiration was Attic windows from this book

Where to start? Well with the fabric choices – I didn’t have any dark blue but I think the colour choices of oranges and purples pull off the 3D effect nicely. The main problems I found were cutting out the stencils –

I thought I’d take a short cut and cut through several layers only to find I cut it the wrong way and the points were on the wrong end – funny how a short cut takes longer – I had to cut out more strips.

I think the orange border really sets it off nicely –

only the backing and binding to chose now – but I think I’ll probably start on something else – I used to want to finish one thing before starting the next but I’m finding that too restrictive so now I’m sewing on a mission.